ZEST TK-ZE07S Optional Built-in Stainless Steel Trim Kit - fits ZEST Model ZE07120S (0.7 Cuft Microwave Oven).

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Brand:  Want a custom recessed cabinet installation? This ZEST model TK-ZE07S is the Built-in Optional Stainless Steel Trim Kit which fits the ZEST brand 0.7 cu. ft Microwave Oven- model ZE07120S.

ID Number: TK-ZE07S  

Outside Dimensions:  Measures 19" W X 12 3/4" H

Weight: 4 lbs.

 Colors: Stainless Steel


  • Application for only the ZEST brand 0.7 cu. ft Microwave Oven model ZE07120S.
  • Measures 19" wide x 12 3/4" high,
  • 1 Louver Stainless steel trim kit also fits other 0.7 cu. ft. microwaves by Contoure, Franklin Chef, Frigidaire and Muave’ Model MU07120S.